Visualistic Syndrome (vsyndrome) wrote,
Visualistic Syndrome

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this post is gonna be a quick one cuz i'm about to go off to work...

anywhoo.. i'm pissed off at both myself and someone else, who will remain nameless..

someone told me they could get the translation of Xerxes name in japanese for me.. got it and i went and got it tattooed...

now i went to work the other day and this guy read my arm and said.. your tattoo doesn't make any sence.. what does it say? and i told him.. he disagreed.. and told me what it really said.. now its nothing naughty or a bad word or anything.. but its not xerxes name..

so now i have to get this tattoo covered and get his name redone.. pain in my ass...

pisses me off even more since the chic who did it was japanese and she lied to me.. for money... bitch
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